CX Masterclass is a two-day event for CX professionals who want to understand what it takes to create great customer experiences that turn your business into a profit-making engine, as well as a pleasure to your customers.

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Our CX Masterclass takes customer experience to the next level – from managing to innovating the experience. This fall, we will be taking you with Diane Magers and Sirte Pihlaja on a very practical journey to Value Creation. You will learn how to create your CX/EX strategy and define your measures, metrics and business value framework. We will then look into designing for business impact, ROI  and value creation. You will also get scored on your Customer Experience Management skills. This training is very hands-on and includes many practical tips, discussions and workshop exercises. Get ready to put insights into action!



Great speaker, right on the painpoints of CX : )

– CX Masterclass participant

Excellent experience! Gamification, storytelling, wonderful speaker, joined the fanclub

– CX Masterclass participant

Thanks for today. It was as always super inspirational. All other program bits were ok too. Arrangements, food etc excellent. Well done!

– CX Masterclass participant

“Wonderful day, nice venue and inspiring discussions! Thank you for organising this and I will be eagerly waiting for the next CX Masterclass day.

– CX Masterclass participant

”Thank you for a great day! It was very inspiring and I learned a lot. The example cases and videos were brilliant. Our guest experience was surprising and team work also a lot of fun : )

– CX Masterclass participant

”A big thank you, the day went past very fast. A lot of good and also familiar content. The next step could be to workshop more with the participating organisations around these topics. The tasks were nice, although I did not have time to really give my best to all of them : )

– CX Masterclass participant

”Very well organised, nice atmosphere, the speaker was great and inspiring. We learned quite a lot of technologies in such a short day.”

– CX Masterclass participant

“The presenters were very good and there was a good amount of professional content. The tasks were nice! I could have used more breaks to relax my brain, there was so much to learn. All in all, a very succesful event.

– CX Masterclass participant

Thank you, it was very nice to listen to such a warm-hearted and nice person. Many thanks to Sirte and the whole Shirute team! Good food, also in the afternoon+ oatly milk : )

– CX Masterclass participant


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Diane Magers

Diane Magers

(CCXP), Founder and CEO of Experience Catalysts, Emeritus Chair & CEO of CXPA

Diane Magers is known as a passionate experience transformation executive and change agent, sherpa for new and developing experience obsessed organizations, and as a thought leader and innovator for ways of engaging associates, customers and partners. She believes sustainable change requires embedding customer and experience capabilities into all parts of an organization.

Diane is skilled in creating Experience Management business value and systematically changing organizations to align around experience and drive financial impact. She specializes in enabling brands with skills and competencies like design thinking, journey management and value mapping to drive sustainable shifts in how organizations work to achieve results. With over 25 years of experience in transforming experiences, she has worked in and with brands such as Sysco, AT&T, State Farm, Dale Carnegie, CommScope, Invisalign, Ciena, Freeman, Cisco. Sodexho, Equifax and MoneyGram.

Diane is the Emeritus Chair and recent CEO for the Customer Experience Professionals Association. She speaks and conducts workshops all over the world to help transform Experience Management strategy into action. Diane earned a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and a Masters of Business Administration. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), and holds certifications in Voice of Customer, Customer Experience Management, Net Promoter Score and CX Design and Innovation LUMA certified.

Sirte Pihlaja
CEO, CCXP at Shirute

Sirte Pihlaja

CEO, Customer Experience Optimiser, CCXP, Trained LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator at Shirute and CXPA Finland

Sirte Pihlaja (Certified Customer Experience Professional CCXP & Trained Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®) is the founder and CEO of Shirute, the first Customer Experience Agency in Finland. She heads the activities of Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) in Finland ( She is one of the first Europeans to have been certified as a CCXP.

Sirte is an internationally respected CX/EX expert, coach, designer and strategist with over 25 years of experience advising large international corporations and brands in different industries, globally. She is known for translating customer understanding to concrete actions and results in a fast, fun and cost-efficient way. Sirte was recently recognised as a TOP 150 Global Customer Experience Thought Leader. The CXPA has also awarded her the Extra Mile Award.

At Shirute, Sirte delivers creative solutions in customer experience management, research and experience design, CX culture, data analytics, voice of customer, and through omni-channel CX & service design. She is excited about using creative methodologies, such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, in creating great CX and EX. Sirte is passionately championing CX in the Nordics, South-East Asia and beyond and is a familiar face in international CX Awards juries and conference stages. She is especially fond of creative methodologies and regularly plays with LEGO bricks together with her clients to create a better future for all of us.

Customer Experience 3, an international bestseller, is her third book on people experiences. The previous one, Customer Experience 2, was also a global bestseller on three continents.


CX MASTERCLASS: It’s All About Value Creation

If you want to validate your knowledge, learn new things, or just be inspired to keep putting customers and employees at the forefront of your organisations thinking, this training will do just that and more.

Day 1

Session 1: Developing your strategy and goals for Experience Management (2.5 hours)

Without a defined customer and employee experience strategy, brands have no chance of moving beyond mere find-and-fix, reactive customer experience programs. Truly engaging customers and delivering business value requires well thought out strategy and plan. In this session, we will explore:

  • The realities and consequences of the disconnect between CX and corporate strategy.
  • How experience professionals can inform brand strategy
  • The role CX strategy plays on the path to business transformation

Our workshop includes the outline and development of an experience strategy and plan with defined steps, activities and a roadmap for success.

Session 2: Defining your Measures, Metrics and Business Value Framework (2 hours)

Translating engagement to business results and balancing financial goals with the demands of creating compelling customer experiences is a constant challenge. Learn how to build and communicate models so the organization (and each stakeholder) sees the value of delivering a great customer and employee experience.  Learn to target, measure and achieve financial benefits from experience improvements – while you engage your customers. Embed structure for experience benefits into your internal processes, discover the art and science of tracking benefits realization and avoid common CX challenges.

Session 3: Designing for Business Impact, ROI  and Value Creation (2 hours)

Defining success for your experience discipline takes more than voice of customer and metrics. It requires linkage to true financial impacts. We will cover key points of building a financial results framework, share two case studies and provide frameworks and approaches you can use to build the financial impact story for your practice.

Learn how to:

  • Develop a framework to build business cases for customer and employee experience
  • Tie experience management to your brand’s growth goals
  • Tips to gain and maintain solid executive support
  • Discover how building your skill in this area can help accelerate your roadmap and success for your brand
Day 2

CEM Benchmark

Do you know how well your organisation takes care of its customers? This is your chance to benchmark how you compare to others!

As a pre-assignment to CX Masterclass, we provide participants with the unique opportunity to get your Customer Experience Management Maturity Score. Our CEM Benchmark is now used already for the 9th year to study the State of Customer Experience in Finland. The Shirute Customer Experience Management Index™ evaluates five areas related to customer experience management:

  1. Scope
  2. Organisation and governance
  3. Culture
  4. Processes
  5. Tools

Additional information on the Shirute CEM Benchmark can be found online on our website.

Insights to Action:  Discovering the right experience opportunity and how to design engaging experiences

Converting insights to action is a challenge for many practitioners.  Our hands-on workshop will help you develop human centered design thinking and practice techniques to build better insights, innovation and interactions. You’ll learn ways to build your team’s talent, drive innovation, and build stronger internal relationships.   ​

We will work together to:

  • Explore the insights and design process
  • Understand the value and impact of intentional design and how to prove the business case for building and integrating design into every part of your organization
  • Practice insight and innovation techniques with hands-on exercises and develop your design skills

Join us for this hands-on working session that will provide some approaches for thinking differently about customers and opportunities.  We will explore insights and innovation techniques with real exercises (take-back workbook included) that can generate bold, new ideas and solutions and help build collaboration and engagement among your teams.


CX Masterclass 2019 & 2020 Comments

I joined the event because customer experience is close to my heart. Ian is a great presenter, he gave real life examples that were interesting to follow. The best elements of the event were the group assignments and great conversations around the table. A lot of effort was put on the guest experience of the event itself.
Nora Lappalainen
Marketing Communication & Sales Professional, Otavamedia
The coach was very interesting and he had a lot of good case examples. The theory became to life in practice, and we also heard about the pitfalls. Networking and group work with the other guests were incredibly rewarding.
Tuuli Mäkelä
Manager of Oral Health Services, City of Espoo
Ian Golding’s speeches, assignments, and reflections were definitely the best. I got the last minute lessons from them for my certification test. This training is especially suitable for customer experience developers, who want new ideas for their work and who want to broaden their vision on the topic.
Sari Noukkala
Head Of Customer Relationship Experience Development, LähiTapiola
Ian's coaching was really great to listen to, the takeaways from his speeches are easily applicable to the work we do at our firm. Customer experience is a hot topic these days, and we can benefit from the knowledge that was on show during the CX Masterclass on both face to face and digital customer service.
Sirpa Ojala
Loyalty Program Manager, SOK
The training provided a unique opportunity to hear one of the world’s best customer experience experts, and to grow our own competence. We went systematically through the topics that we experience in our own work. I would recommend the CX Masterclass event to every CX professional and especially to individuals, who lead and drive its development in their company.
Marja-Leena Pinomaa
Head of Enterprise Feedback Management, Tieto
Ian Golding was good! This training provides an extremely good package for everybody who work in CX development and management. It’s great that Shirute and CXPA Finland bring experts with genuine world-class experience to Finland.
Juhana Tormilainen
Business Transformation Sales, Dassault Systemes
I would highly recommend CX Masterclass events for CX professionals. You get to meet experts in your field, from different companies. We all work for the same goal, aiming to deliver better customer experiences. Golding was an inspiring speaker, and it was nice to hear real-life examples.
Reetta Viitanen
Customer Experience Leader, Nordea Life
Coming to CX Masterclass, I had clear expectations and goals - to learn new ideas, insights, and learn new tools, in addition to networking. I focused more on goal-oriented customer experience, it’s definition and implementation in a concrete, high-quality, and memorable encounter for our organization during the fall. I would highly recommend this event for individuals working in quality assurance, and process development, it was a real brain engaging event
Noora Lindholm
Suomen Asiakastieto


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Do you know how well your organisation takes care of its customers? This is your chance to benchmark how you compare to others!

As a pre-assignment to CX Masterclass, we provide participants with the unique opportunity to get your Customer Experience Management Maturity Score. Our CEM Benchmark is now used already for the 9th year to study the State of Customer Experience in Finland and internatinally. The Shirute Customer Experience Management Index™ evaluates five areas related to customer experience management:

  1. Scope
  2. Organisation and governance
  3. Culture
  4. Processes
  5. Tools

Additional information on the Shirute CEM Benchmark can be found online on our website.

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In Sirte Pihlaja’s newest book, “Customer Experience 3”, she shares with twenty-seven fellow international Customer Experience (CX) professionals their current best-thinking, strategies and insights for achieving impact and visibility using world-class, best-practice CX principles. This is the anticipated follow-up third volume in the Customer Experience book series, packed with frontline experience, insight and value for professionals wanting to dramatically enhance the customer experience in their organization.

The book covers a range of topics including: customer-centric culture, organisational adoption and accountability, VoC insight and understanding, CX design and improvement, CX metrics, measurement and ROI, and CX strategy. These are all themes, which are critical in making a company genuinely customer-centric and allowing for business growth.

Order your copy when you register and get it signed by Sirte Pihlaja!

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Sirte Pihlaja
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