Shirute CX Play
for Customer Experience Professionals

Shirute CX Play® Workshops

Through our carefully designed Shirute CX Play® workshops,  we help you create the building blocks needed for stellar customer experience management. 

Want to learn more about your customers? Take a look at our customer personas and customer journey workshops, or jumpstart your CX/EX with workshops tailored to fit your organisation’s needs. We can also support you in setting up an agile experience management team or (re)build your business model, brick by brick.

Do you already have your customer experience management basics in place? Take a look at Shirute CX Play® themes to learn about the different competency areas where we can help you improve your skills, or ask us for more information!

We are now also ONLINE!

Want to PLAY from the safety of your home office?
We offer our LEGO Serious Play workshops also online and as hybrid versions.

Strengthen and broaden 
your organisational understanding

No hierarchies. No limits. Just pure creativity. 

What's on the Shirute CX Play plate for you?

Define your Personas

Do you think you know your customers and employees and what they need and want from your organisation? With our customer personas workshops we can identify, prioritise and describe your most important customers with you. This phase is one of the most vital parts of developing your CX and EX - and twice as fun with LEGO bricks!

Build your Customer Journeys

Once you have described the personas depicting your customers and employees, the next step is to model their current customer journeys and the touchpoints they interact through with your organisation. Develop and manage your customer journeys using simple guiding principles, shared understanding and better communication created during these workshops. Together, we improve your customer journeys for the future with the help of LEGO models - one brick at a time. 

Jumpstart your CX/EX

What do you really need to know about your organisation's customer experience? During our training you will learn everything there is to know about personas, customer journeys and CX/EX in general.

This hands-on training is a fun and interactive way to develop your understanding of the current state of your customer experience. Gain insights on CX best practices for your tailored needs and change your mindset for better customer experiences for the future. Let's start building your CX now utilising LEGO bricks!

"The CX Play workshop gave us a really nice boost to kick off our year as a newly established organization and helped people from different teams to get to know each other a bit better. Lego Serious Play offered us a fun way for innovating and exploring different solutions to these challenges together."

Iiris Lahti, Head of Online Performance Unit, Sanoma Group, multi-channel media and learning company

Build your
Business Model Canvas 
with LEGO bricks!

Is your business in need of reorganisation? Or are you a startup taking your first steps? Optimise your organisation's operations by getting to know your customers, partners and other stakeholders in a quick and easy method. With our business model canvas workshops you can efficiently build, visualise and map your business models, focus on your core activities and explore new opportunities to create value to your customers.

Go agile with

Are you looking for new ways of fast-tracking your CX/EX  development? Learn how to make your ways of working agile! This fast-paced training with interactive elements and simulations will help you to plan your organisation's core customer experience management. Introduce agile thinking into your teams in a fun way with LEGO SCRUM City. 

Having a hard time deciding which bricks to pick?

We are here to help you
get on the right builds 

Not quite sure where you should start? Don't worry, we can help you to find out which themes and workshops
serve your organisation the best.

Strengthen and broaden 
your organisational understanding

No hierarchies. No limits. Just pure creativity. 

"Lego Serious Play is very refreshing, fun, and overall challenging to my skills and abilities, as well as thinking. The physical Lego building is very rewarding."

- Anne Mikkilä, Customer Experience Director, Tieto, Nordic software and services company


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