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for Customer Experience Professionals

Shirute CX Play® Themes

With our selection of Shirute CX Play® themes, we are here to help you to develop your customer experience strategy and the ways you can make the voice of your customers and employees heard within the organisation. If you are looking to improve your customer experiences in a specific design setting, we can improve your overall CX/EX performance together.

We can also support you in turning your customer data into a profit-making engine or give you a hand in improving your customer dialogue and marketing efforts.

Have a look at our offering below to learn more. Please don't hesitate to ask us for additional information to customise the right solutions for your needs!


If you want to set up an agile experience management (XM) practice or are just starting out with your customer experience transformation, take a look at Shirute CX Play® workshops, our inspiring sessions for the most important building blocks of a professional customer experience management practice.

We are now also ONLINE!

Want to PLAY from the safety of your home office?
We offer our LEGO Serious Play workshops also online and as hybrid versions.

Strengthen and broaden 
your organisational understanding

No hierarchies. No limits. Just pure creativity. 

What's on the Shirute CX Play plate for you?

Determine your Customer Experience Strategy

Does your organisation have a clear customer experience strategy? Does everyone know their role in creating great customer experiences? We help you create the building blocks and communicate the importance of CX within all levels of your organisation. Have more efficient conversations and reach your customers and employees better.
Let's play SERIOUSLY, together! 

Hear the Voice of Customer

Knowing your customers and employees is more than measuring. We want to help you understand your customers better through building the right customer journeys and listening posts to monitor. But that's just the beginning. We will also advise you how to develop your processes to be more customer and employee friendly. Join the hands-on training made fun with LEGO bricks!

Verify your Customer
Experience Performance

Does your organisation's customer experience performance match your customers' perspective? While 73% of organisations claim to deliver great experiences, only 8% of customers agree. Increase your CX performance through better customer understanding and co-creation. Through this inspiring and tactile experience, you will be building new concepts, redesigning your customer encounters and developing better CX in a much more creative way. Let your imagination fly!

"It was amazing to see how the most quiet colleagues started telling stories with the help of Legos. That really convinced me of the method we were using."

- Reetta Viitanen, Customer Experience Leader, Nordea Life Assurance

Better Employee Experiences 

Focusing on developing your employee experiences is vital in creating better customer experiences. That is why we emphasise the importance of well-planned employee empowerement. Through asking the right questions and improving competences we help you create the building blocks for increased engagement and a culture of trust. 

Specify your
Customer Intelligence 

Are you lost with all the data that you have about your customers? In these workshops we will build the processes you need to make it talk to you. Let's identify together what data your organisation needs to grow and how to process, store and manage it. Discussing these concepts around LEGO bricks makes your plans more concrete and gets you LIVE much faster! 

Create the right
Customer Dialogue

Get a 360º view on how your organisation is communicating with customers. By developing customer dialogue processes and creating tools for measuring your efforts, you can share true customer understanding within the organisation. Let's play with bricks to define the tone, channels and touchpoints of your communications - SERIOUSLY!

Having a hard time deciding which bricks to pick?

We are here to help you
get on the right builds 

Not quite sure where you should start? Don't worry, we can help you to find out which themes and workshops
serve your organisation the best.

Strengthen and broaden 
your organisational understanding

No hierarchies. No limits. Just pure creativity. 

"It was a definite eye-opener to all! This specific session was most suitable for a team responsible for reorienting a strategy. Lego Serious Play coaching was instrumental in challenging our creativity."

- Nora London Development Manager, Government ICT Centre Valtori


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