Shirute CX Play
for Customer Experience Professionals

Experience the Magic of 
LEGO® Serious Play® Digitally.

Ever since the global pandemic hit us, organisations around the world have had to re-think their purpose and re-design the way they work. To help address this need for transformation, we have developed the ONLINE version of our CX Play®, bringing along multiple benefits to the old ways of working. 

Now, you can participate in the custom-made workshops from the safety of your home or your office with the LEGO kits sent straight to you. All you need to do is learn to PLAY again – Seriously, ONLINE!

100% Safe. 100% Serious. 100% FUN.

Want to PLAY from the safety of your home office? We offer our LEGO® Serious Play® workshops also online and as hybrid versions. Ask us for more information!

In these unprecedented times, when digital platforms become vehicles for change and collaboration, the importance of PLAY in business increases. The CX Play® workshops bring LEGO® Serious Play® methodology as a tool for facilitating growth in your organisation. Now available also online and as hybrid version.

Strengthen and broaden 
your organisational understanding

No hierarchies. No limits. Just pure creativity. 

Shirute CX Play® Online
brings you these extra benefits:

Play Anywhere

With our online workshops, you are able to effectively demonstrate building better customer experiences and strategies, with colleagues near and far, even globally.

Work Safely

Concerned about your safety? We offer online and hybrid workshops custom-made to fit your organisation's needs.

You can participate safely from your home or office.

Get Your CX Play Kit

We provide you access to a new language that makes you think and speak in an entirely different way – with your hands! No worries, we will send the lego kits to you. 

"It was amazing to see how the most quiet colleagues started telling stories with the help of Legos. That really convinced me of the method we were using."

- Reetta Viitanen, Customer Experience Leader, Nordea Life Assurance

Strengthen and broaden 
your organisational understanding

No hierarchies. No limits. Just pure creativity. 

We Are Highly Experienced
LEGO® Serious Play® 

We have been collaborating with Inthrface in creating CX Play®, our application of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for developing people experiences. Inthrface's facilitator training in the LSP methodology has been endorsed by one of the founders of the methodology.

"The comprehensive course material and innovative pedagogy used in Inthrface's facilitator training align with, and positively extend the original LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® concept."

Professor Johan S. Roos

Co-inventor of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology

  • Get ready to give your brain a hand and think creatively
  • Discuss abstract issues with your organisation in a concrete way
  • Get into flow and come up with novel solutions
  • Play future scenarios together
  • Grow and transform your business

Move your
play to a
serious level

Now available also ONLINE. Ask for our packages!

Strengthen and broaden 
your organisational understanding

No hierarchies. No limits. Just pure creativity. 

“The training provided an excellent starting point in examining complex large entities and identifying the key problem areas. This training gave me a great basis. In the future, I would love to use this tool with many others in my organisation.” 

Petri Lagervist, Business Development Specialist, Caruna, Electricity company


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