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The LEGO® Serious Play® coaches in Shirute's network are world-renowned, with years of experience in creating and developing People Experiences and strategies for businesses internationally. Our coaches continuously update their own expertise with trainings and certifications.

Facilitator training
approved by the
LSP co-inventor

We have been collaborating with Inthrface in creating CX Play®, our application of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for developing people experiences. Inthrface's facilitator training in the LSP methodology has been endorsed by one of the founders of the methodology.

"The comprehensive course material and innovative pedagogy used in Inthrface's facilitator training align with, and positively extend the original LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® concept."

Professor Johan S. Roos

Co-inventor of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology

"The CX Play workshop gave us a really nice boost to kick off our year as a newly established organization and helped people from different teams to get to know each other a bit better. Lego Serious Play offered us a fun way for innovating and exploring different solutions to these challenges together."

Iiris Lahti, Head of Online Performance Unit, Sanoma Group, multi-channel media and learning company

Our Coaches

Sirte Pihlaja (CCXP, Trained Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®) is the CEO of Shirute Ltd, the first customer experience agency in Finland. She is an internationally recognised CX/EX expert, coach, keynote speaker, designer and strategist with over 25 years of experience in advising large corporations and brands in various industries and countries.

Sirte is the leader of CXPA's Finland network, member of the International Advisory Committee and one of CXPA's founding members. She was one of the first Europeans to have been certified as CCXP.

She has written three books on on people experiences, two out of which are global #1 bestsellers.

When Sirte is not playing with LEGO bricks with her clients, she is passionately championing CX in the Nordics, South-East Asia and beyond and is a familiar face in international CX Awards juries and conference stages.

Sirte Pihlaja was recently recognised as a TOP 150 Global Customer Experience Thought Leader and on the CX Hall of Fame. The CXPA has also awarded her the Extra Mile Award.

Micael Buckle (Chief Executive Trainer in the  LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method) is the founder and CEO of the consulting company Inthrface. He consults worldwide in the areas of strategy development, leadership development, organisational development and leadership team development.

Micael was initially certified in the LEGO® Serious Play® method at LEGO Company in 2003 and he has done more than 800 workshops globally.  Additionally, he trains and certifies other trainers at Hotel LEGOLAND in Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Micael has collaborated with the co-inventor of the LEGO® Serious Play® method Professor Johan Roos for several years about researching and developing the method and new applications. He is also a part-time Adjunct Professor at Hult & Ashridge International Business School.

Buckle has a background as an officer in the Armed Forces in Denmark. He has a master’s in leadership, tactics, and strategy from the Military Academy in Denmark. He has extensive leadership experience from the army, corporate life, and consulting. 

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No hierarchies. No limits. Just pure creativity. 


SERIOUSWORK Certified Online Facilitator of LEGO Serious Play



LEGO Serious Play – Readiness for Change

Inthrface - Oct 2019


LEGO Serious Play – Real Time Strategy for the Beast

Inthrface - Oct 2018


MasterMind Design Thinking with the LEGO Serious Play Method

Design Play - May 2018

LEGO Serious Play Trained Facilitator

Inthrface - 2016

"Lego Serious Play is very refreshing, fun, and overall challenging to my skills and abilities, as well as thinking. The physical Lego building is very rewarding."

- Anne Mikkilä, Customer Experience Director, Tieto, Nordic software and services company


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