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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

What does the CEM Benchmark report include?

The report gives you your own organisation's scores in the different professional competency levels related to Customer Experience Management, the overall results based on your answers and those of your peers, and the possibility to benchmark your skills with other companies.

Who can see my results?

We treat all responses with full confidentiality. You can access only your own scoring results. Just like you, others can see the aggregated results, but not the specific data of your organisation. 

What does the Shirute CEM Analysis include?

The Shirute CEM Analysis includes your organisation's scores analysed in-depth and concrete recommendations on what to do next to perform stronger in Customer Experience Management.

What is the difference between the Shirute Benchmark report and Shirute CEM Analysis?

The Shirute CEM Benchmark results are reported on a more general level, and allow you to do your own analysis and conclusions on what would be the best actions to do next. The Shirute CEM Analysis is a report unique to your organisation, based on your results. It is hand-crafted with love by our CX professionals, and provides concrete recommendations on possible next steps and future actions for your organisation.

What if we already know a specific pain point or capability area that we would need help with?

If you already have an idea where it itches, the Shirute CEM Audit is the perfect option for you. We provide six different audits that all focus on specific CEM competences and development areas.


What methods are used in Shirute CEM Audit?

Whilst the Shirute CEM Benchmark is a self-assessment of your skills, our CEM Audit evaluations are always based on interviews and background research conducted by our seasoned CX experts. All our audits include interviews, questionnaires and workshops that help our professionals to reach conclusions and to give you specific guidance on what you should do next to get to the next level at customer experience management.


How long does it take to complete Shirute CEM Audit?

We can customize the length of the project to fit the schedule that suits your organisation best. On average, each project is  conducted in 3-4 weeks.


Anything else you want to know?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.