Nordea Life

Customer experience knowledge as a basis for CX team unity

Knowledge gained from Shirute’s CX training and working together with Legos allowed the newly formed CX team of Nordea Life to clearly set common goals, and have discussions on where to start to strategically determine the key decisions needed to launch everyone on a shared journey.

It was amazing to see how the most quiet colleagues started telling stories with the help of Legos. That really convinced me of the method we were using.
Reetta Viitanen
Customer Experience Leader, Nordea Life Assurance


Nordea is the largest financial services group in the Nordic region and one of the biggest banks in Europe. It is the third largest corporation in the Nordic region and one of the top 10 financial services companies in Europe based on market capitalisation, serving customers through presence in 20 countries. Combined, the economies of its four Nordic home markets – Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden – represent the world’s 10th largest economy.

Nordea Life is a solvent Finnish life assurance company and part of this strong European financial service provider, Nordea Group. They serve their personal and corporate customers at Nordea Bank branch offices, customer service points and netbank.

Nordea Life wanted to solidify their team’s capabilities by ensuring everyone’s knowledge and understanding of people experiences – the who, what, when, where, and how. Bringing the CX team into the right mindset together was thought to equip everyone with the required knowledge arsenal, and was considered absolutely crucial in their building of a virtual CX team, which consists of ambassadors from all over the organisation.


Shirute was asked by Nordea Life Assurance to give a CX training, organise a workshop, and facilitate crucial skills-building exercises with the intent of kicking off the work of their newly formed CX team.

This gathering brought together everyone to start learning, sharing and defining the most common CX practices, the considerations that must be taken into account, and the means to achieving those goals.

As these were some of the first steps in formulating the team, the solutions were for everyone to first opening up, getting familiar with the terms revolving around CX, and improving on the people aspect in better working with one another.

The main challenges set forth for the team members to think about were understanding their overall purpose and everyone’s own role in helping to develop customer experience in the organisation. They also spend time together discussing the kind of customer experiences Nordea Life is currently offering to its clients. Finally, they defined together the characteristics of a memorable customer experience, and shared their views on the must-have elements of great customer experiences. These simple guiding principles form a basis that can be followed in the upcoming work of the CX team.

By using Legos to propel these discussions, everyone on the team was able to have their say and get their opinions heard by others on equal terms. That was an important aspect in building a team that has trust in and respect for each other.

Key takeaways from this work:

  • Being able to define, understand, and put into practice the theories of customer experiences
  • Better understanding their internal capabilities, to be able to work and gain from each other’s strengths
  • Solidifying their shared journey and development path towards the goal they set out for themselves